Let me introduce myself

Thygaterra: Combination of the Greek word "thygatera" meaning daughter and the Latin word "Terra" meaning earth. Thygaterra was "born" and "raised" in a Greek city. Inspired by the designs in embroidery and knitting inherited from her grandmothers and mother, Thygaterra changed the form and purpose of this dowry-heritage. She carves the patterns of these handmade treasures onto artifacts she makes herself. She uses ecological resin, casts in molds, gives color, shape and character and fills them with oil-scented soy candles. All items are handcrafted using eco-friendly, sustainable, recyclable and human, animal and environment friendly materials.

  • Candles

    All our candles are vegan and made from soywax which is a natural renewable source. Unlike candles made of paraffin, a by-product of petroleum, which contain toxic substances (toluene, benzene, formaldehyde) that after prolonged use can cause serious health problems.

  • Containers

    Our containers are made one by one by hand of acrylic resin, an environmentally friendly material. No two containers are the same and this is the difference of the handmade product we are proud of.

  • Packaging

    Our respect for the environment is directly linked to the high quality of our products. Our ecological consciousness pushes us to choose recyclable and biodegradable packaging. That's why all our packages are made of materials that are sustainable and 100% environmentally friendly.